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New in production!

I've been trying my hand at one of the largest productions I've ever done.  I got inspired because I've been going to the gym lately.  The Spin and Step classes are full of high energy music and I felt I could contribute to my class.  This style of production not only mixes tunes beat to beat, I've also incorporated a single music bed from start to finish.  This has made it more difficult.  My goal is for this project to last an hour.  I'm about two thirds there after 3 months of work.  Its still a work in progress but I'm loading it anyway.  Be prepared, this is a long download.  I've formatted it in in both high and low quality.  Use the links below and jam out!  (By the way, I DO NOT claim the first six minutes as my remix)

High Quality MegaMix (57MB)
Low Quality MegaMix (23MB)

Its Time Remix

Hey folks! I've been tinkering again. I know, what else is new? I've been playing around with XM Radio and discovered a techno channel called BPM. There was a song called, "Its Time" by Ferry Corsten that I just LOVE because it has a pretty kick ass beat. I batted some ideas in my head, chopped up the song and remixed it. Click HERE for the file and enjoy!


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