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I'm the biggest Sci-Fi buff and computer geek I know.

A+ Certified : I love working with computers.  I do a little work on the side.  It's more of a hobby but I would have to say its my calling.  My magic day of being certified happened on 8 Dec 00.  WHEW!!

Music: DJing and music go hand in hand you might say.  I love playing music, mostly top 40.  With the help of today's computer technology I have the ability to edit songs just as I use to years ago.  The only difference is there is a lot less tape on the floor.

Web Page Building: I dabble in playing around with web pages.  I usually use this space for new ideas. 

Radio : I've always dreamed of being a hot Top 40 DJ.   Listed below is a small portion of what I've done over the years

WQPW Aircheck - (Valdosta GA, first radio job)
Top 9 @ 9 Promo
Gulf Sweeper (something I made while stationed in the desert)
BMT - Star Wars Intro (Intro used for Basic Military Training chapel with a Star Wars theme)

Here is a list of my favorite radio stations:

Mix 96.1 - KXXM, San Antonio TX   (Only the BEST radio station around)
Kiss 96.7 - KHFI, Austin TX  (Ranks right up there with Mix 96.1)
Q-107 - WQLT, Florence AL (I worked with Rex Holiday)
Mix 96 - WQPW, Valdosta GA  (formerly Power 96 in the early 90s and my first radio experience!)
B97 - WEZB, New Orleans LA (An American icon like MTV!)
102.5 WFMF, Baton Rouge LA (One of my favorites!)


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